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Walltex All Weather Coating

Don't be beaten by the weather! Walltex can be used 365 days per year - it is solvent based and is far superior to water based products. Walltex is available in smooth and high build textures at a cost effective price. Available in 12 standard and special colours.

Walltex All Weather Coating Before
Walltex All Weather Coating After

It's a Coating, Not a Paint!

We have manufactured Walltex for over 30 years. It is tried and tested and we have the proof of performance to back this up! We use the best weatherproof and most flexible solvent based resins which are blended with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, silicon, fungicide and most important of all, MICA.

MICA is a volcanic material to resist cracking and give extreme durability and weathering. This formulation gives long lasting colour retention and longer life than normal paints.


Walltex is an ideal coating for:

  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Masonry
  • Blockwork
  • Render
  • Pebbledash
  • Brick
  • Asbestos / Cement Panels
  • Prefabricated Structures
  • Profiles
  • Most Painted Surfaces
  • Timber Frame Buildings

Product Features

  • Weather resistant
  • Allows walls to breathe
  • Resists penetrating damp
  • Will not chip, flake or peel
  • Build in fungicide so Algae will not grow on the coating surface
  • Excellent resistance to stains and dirt
  • Can be hosed down
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Tough and flexible
  • Excellent adhesion
  • When applying not affected by rain after 20 minutes
  • Can be used in winter weather


  • Smooth - 1 litre covers 2 square meters for the 2 coats
  • High Build - Used as a second texture coat. 1 litre covers 1.5 square meters
  • Packaging - 20 litre UN metal drums
  • Colours - See colours tab
  • Price - See prices section

Flexibility of Walltex All Weather Coating

Walltex coated onto a piece of plastic and bent through an angle of 180 without cracking.

Walltex All Weather - Smooth
Walltex All Weather - High Build Texture
Walltex All Weather - High Build Texture

Covering Power of Walltex Smooth and High Build

Walltex All Weather - Smooth

Covering blockwork or render

Walltex All Weather - High Build Texture

High build covering over un even surfaces

Walltex Breathes and Repells Rain and is Easily Ceaned

Rain kept out

Rain kept out

Walltex Coating Passes the Football and Muddy Hands Test

We all have kids or grandkids that love to kick a ball about, Walltex is impact and mud resistant as the photos show:

Wall covered in mud

Muddy marks from football and hands

Wall covered in mud

Clean the wall with hosepipe

Wall covered in mud

Nearly gone

Wall covered in mud

Good as new

Walltex High Build - The Superior Textured Coating

  • Same formulation as Walltex Smooth with the following added in manufacture
  • Engineered Mineral Fibre - to give dimesional stability, reinforcement and thickness
  • Fine Perlite Aggregate - Texture and insulation
  • Fine crushed Marble - Texture, toughness and weathering
  • Applied with a Textured roller the texture can be varied by adding thinners

Method Statement For The Application Of Walltex All Weather Coating

1. Surface Preparation - Remove flaking and loose material with stiff brush or powerwashing. Organic growth to be treated with Walltex Biocide. Ensure all surfaces are dry, clean and firm.

Surfaces which are friable and porous should be primed with a 10% dilution of Walltex and Walltex thinners. Uneven painted surfaces are to be primed with Walltex Primer Kit product.

2. Surface Check - The rendered surface must have cured for a minimum of 7 days. The appearance of the render must be dry. All surfaces must be dry before application.

3. Masking - Mask up all areas not to be coated, i.e. gutters, windows, doors etc.

4. 1st Coat - Apply 1st coat of Walltex All weather smooth thinned by up to 10% using Walltex thinners. Apply by sheepskin or simulated sheepskin roller. 1st coat must be touch dry before applying 2nd coat.

5. 2nd Coat - Apply 2nd coat of Renotex Walltex Allweather smooth by roller thinned 5% to 10%.

6. 2 Coat Coverage - Coverage for two coats of smooth is 2 sq metres per litre. 1 x 20 lts of smooth will cover 40 sq mts.

7. Hi-Build Notice - ** Please note if HI-BUILD is used for the 2nd coat add same amount of thinners and apply with honeycomb sponge roller.

8. Coverage - Coverage will be 1.5 sq metres per litre. 1 x 20 lts will cover 30 sq mts for the 2nd coat.

Prep Brick Render Blockwork Pebbledash Tyrolean Concrete Acrylic Through Colour Render
New Old Pntd New Pntd
Brush down to remove dust etc.
Stiff brush to remove flaking paint, dirt etc.          
Power wash if necessary to remove flaking paint, dirt etc.                
Check adhesion of render - hack off where necessary and repair.            
Hairline cracks to be filled with Flexible Filler.              
Hack off and make good blown Pebbledash or Tyrolean.                
Wire brush loose & damaged pointing from brickwork joints and make good if required.              
Treat algae and lichen growth with Walltex BIOCIDE.    
Reface spalling and crumbling brickwork if required.                
Primer for use on friable or porous surfaces. Prime with 10% dilution of Rollercoat and approved solvent.

Please note: uneven painted surfaces are to be primed with Walltex PRIMER KIT PRODUCTS.

Walltex All Weather Coating Mixing And Application Instructions

Step 1

Coating thick state

Step 2

Tip into container

Step 3

Add 10% thinners

Step 4

Paddle mixing

Step 5

Thin until product drips off the roller or brush

Step 6

Building masked

Step 7

East to apply

Step 8

Elevation completed

Shopping List

  • Applying on a smooth surface 2 coats of ALL WEATHER SMOOTH
  • 1 x 20lts will cover 40 m2 for 2 coats
Typical job 80 m2
  • 2 x 20 lts Walltex SMOOTH
  • 1 x 2.5 lts Thinners
  • If applying over pebbledash or tyrolean textured surface allow 50% more product (therefore 3 x 20lts will be required)
Typical 80 m2 to achieve Walltex HIGH BUILD FINISH
  • 1 x 20lts Walltex SMOOTH (1 coat covers 80m2)
  • 3 x 20 lts Walltex HIGH BUILD ( final coat 1 x 20lts covers 30 m2)
  • 1 x 5lts Thinners
  • 1 smooth Roller
  • 3 Textured Rollers
  • If a small quantity of product is unused the drum can be resealed and has a shelf
  • Life of 10yrs plus

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Walltex All Weather Coating onto a previously painted wall?
Yes! A lot of our customers coat straight onto a painted wall. Just make sure the surface is clean, dry and in good condition.

When do I need to use the primer kit product?
This is used on surfaces that are badly flaking or where there have been repairs or loads of coats of paint applied over the years that result in a scared/blistered effect. The kit will stabilize and even the surface.

Do I need to use the primer kit on the whole wall?
Small areas can be spot primed or the whole wall can be primed. See Primer Kit product section for further details.

Does Walltex Smooth Coating cover hairline cracks?
Yes, very successfully. Any cracks over 2mm will require spot priming or filling.

My through coloured/acrylic render is only 3 years old and is looking patchy. What can I do?
Clean down the surface, check for any algae growth and treat if necessary. Then apply 2 coats Of Walltex All Weather Smooth Coating and you will have no problems for minimum of 10 years.

I have a project to coat plywood/render board/cement board/mdf. will Walltex coating go straight onto this?
Yes! It's perfect to cover these surfaces, especially Timber Frame buildings, site cabins and park homes on Render board used on timber frame buildings there is no need to render the board before application.

How much product will I require?
Please refer to the PREP/APPLICATION section for details. If you require further help contact us with your measurements.

If you have further questions, please call 01924 820292 and ask to speak to Technical Sales. We are always happy to help!

Case Studies

1960's House Refurbishment

The house was rendered with Walltex Fibre Rend and 2 coats of Walltex All weather smooth applied.

Render ready for coating

Render ready for coating

2 coats of Walltex smooth applied

2 coats of Walltex smooth applied

Building masked 1st coat applied

Building masked 1st coat applied

Finished front elevation

Finished front elevation

Ready to be masked

Ready to be masked

Masked and 1st coat applies

Masked and 1st coat applies

Finished rear elevation

Finished rear elevation

Night time photo

Night time photo

1970's House Given New Lease Of Life

The existing rendered surface was in good condition and 2 coats Of Walltex All weather smooth applied.

Finished rear elevation


Night time photo


Application of Walltex High Build

Application of Walltex High Build onto Render boards / Cement boards. Exterior Grade plywood used in Tmber Frame Construction or Park homes/site cabins. Walltex smooth and High Build applied direct onto the boards eliminating the use of a render coat saving time and money.

Application of Walltex High Build onto Render boards / Cement boards
Application of Walltex High Build onto Render boards / Cement boards

The 100 mm scrim is applied to the board. 1 coat of Rollercoat smooth is thinned 10% and roller applied to the board and left to dry overnight. The coverage for 1 coat is 4 sq mts per litre 1 x 20 lts will cover 80 sq mts.

  • 1 coat of Rollercoat High Build is applied by textured roller
  • 1 x 20 lts will cover 30 sq mts
  • To vary the texture apply the high build in 2 thinner coats slightly thinned

Smooth and High Build

Case Study gallery of completed properties in Walltex Smooth and High Build.

Completed properties in Walltex Smooth and High Build
Completed properties in Walltex Smooth and High Build
Completed properties in Walltex Smooth and High Build
Completed properties in Walltex Smooth and High Build
Completed properties in Walltex Smooth and High Build
Completed properties in Walltex Smooth and High Build
Completed properties in Walltex Smooth and High Build
Completed properties in Walltex Smooth and High Build

Walltex All Weather Coating Test Summaries

FLEXIBILITYBS.3900 (1970) Part E1Walltex contains POLYBUTENE for flexibility. It can be coated on to a piece of plastic and bent through and angle of 180° without cracking.
RESISTANCE TO EXTREME TEMPERATURE Walltex is not damaged by temperatures as low as -20°C or as high as +120°C.
WATER VAPOUR PERMEABILITYBS 3177 (1959)The tests show a permeability of 4.5 – 5.0 grams /M² per day when tested at 25°C and a relative humidity differential of 75%.
LIQUID WATER PERMEABILITYBS 473 (1967)The result is 1.3 ml/cm x 10-6. The results show RETONEX is virtually impermeable towards liquid water and the permeability values are comparable with bituminous roofing felt.
EFFECT OF FIREBS 476 (1971) Part 7The non-combustible inorganic constituents retard the surface spread of flame over treated surface. Class 1 was achieved.
RESISTANCE TO HUMIDITYBS 3900 (1966) Part 2The texture of the coating was unchanged. Adhesion to brick and plywood is excellent.
RESISTANCE TO SALT WATER, SULPHIDE STAINING AND ACIDIC CONDITIONSBS 1391 (1952)No signs of deterioration were observed.
RESISTANCE TO ALKALIES FROM THE BACKGROUNDBS 3900 (1966) Part FThe tests showed no blue discolouration and Walltex showed good adhesion and was unchanged after the test.
COLOUR FASTNESS TO LIGHTBS 2782 (1982) Part 5 Method 540BWalltex shows excellent colour fastness when exposed to different light sources over extended periods. BS Fastness No.7 or better.
RESISTANCE TO FUNGAL GROWTHBS 3900 (1971) Part G6Walltex contains BIOCIDE to prevent fungal growth or mould growth.
WEATHER RESISTANCE (ACCELERATED WEATHERING TESTING)BS 3900 (1971) Part F3Shows no signs of flaking, peeling or embrittlement when subjected to an accelerated weathering test. This continuous testing shows the material to be capable of weathering externally in the United Kingdom without serious defects developing for 20 – 30 years.
CLEANING TEST Walltex is self-cleaning by rainfall, but can be cleaned by hosing down. Walltex will withstand over 5000psi pressure washing without losing adhesion

Walltex All Weather Coating Colours

Standard Colours









Mint Green


Brick Red

Mid Grey

Mediterranean Colours

Apple White


Morning Sky



Spanish Gold



Smooth and textures available

Walltex All Weather - Smooth


Walltex All Weather - High Build Texture

High Build Texture

Walltex All Weather Coating Health and Safety Instructions

For health and safety instructions for this product please download our material safety datasheet by clicking the button below:


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