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Walltex Biocide 50x

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Walltex Biocide 50x is a low toxicity biocide with high antimicrobial activity combined with a detergent.

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Product Features

Walltex Biocide 50X is a carefully formulated preparation based on a benzalkonium chloride and phenyl phenol.

Both of these chemicals have been cleared under the UK Pesticides Regulations.


Biocide 50X is completely effective in eliminating the growth of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and algae which occurs on all types of surfaces. This product is recommended as a surface sterilant for either maintenance or pre-decoration of masonry, brick, wood, plaster etc and is safe to use around pets animals and children.

Also ideal to use on stone patios, block paved driveways, concrete, tarmac and all types of roofing tiles and cladding.

Low pressure spray application on to block paving

Low pressure spray application on to block paving

Roof application

Roof application


Using low pressure spray equipment, brush or roller. Application in one coat should be made at the rate of 3 to 4 square metres per litre.


Supplied in 20 litre resalable containers.

Method Statement For The Application Of Walltex Biocide 50x

1. Surface Preparation - Brush down or power wash to remove any dirt, algae etc.

2. Application - Using low pressure spray equipment, brush or roller, apply BIOCIDE 50X at the rate of 3 to 4 sq metres per litre.

3. Drying - Leave the BIOCIDE 50X on the wall to dry and then proceed with the application of other WALLTEX products.

If Power Washing Is Not Possible

BIOCIDE 50X contains a powerful detergent Phenyl Phenol, when scrubbed on the wall or surface with a stiff or wire brush the action will produce a foaming effect that will remove dirt, excess algae etc. Vigorously scrub the wall and leave for 15 minutes then wash off and re apply a fresh coat of biocide and leave to dry.

Walltex Biocide Health and Safety Instructions

For health and safety instructions for this product please download our material safety datasheet by clicking the button below:


Walltex Biocide Case Studies

Local Authority Housing

Many years of Algae, dirt etc have now been eliminated, resulting in no maintenance costs for years to come. Walltex Biocide was used in conjunction with Walltex Roof Sealer to coat over 800 house roofs for a local authority.





Eliminating future growth

Eliminating future growth

Part Of Racing Stable Complex

A refurbishment of the stable were carried out by the owners. The vegetation was removed, the building was cleaned and Walltex Biocide 50X was applied before the Walltex All Weather Coating.





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