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Walltex Wall Dry 2R

Heavy duty solvent based water repellent clear sealer to waterproof buildings that suffer from penetrating damp.

Wall Dry 2R Before
Wall Dry 2R After

Product Features

Wall Dry 2R is a heavy duty water repellent clear sealer, a blend of Siloxane Silicon resin.

With 2 extremely durable weatherproof solvent based resins that give protection to driving rain and the effects of acid rain.

Ideal for older buildings, where a stabilised bonded and sealed breathable surface is required.


Suitable for stone, masonry,brick, mortar, concrete, period clay roof tiles, Rosemary and terracotta tiles.


Advantage 1 - Solvent based can be used in all weather conditions

Advantage 2 - Reduces spalling or flaking masonry

Advantage 3 - Ideal for sandblasted stone and brick that has become porous and flaky

Advantage 4 - Excellent for new concrete to give a long lasting weatherproof transparent surface

Advantage 5 - Has a low surface tension, making it very invasive so enabling it to penetrate well into the surface up to a depth 10mm

Advantage 6 - Acid and alkaline resistant and is unaffected by salt spray

Advantage 7 - Does not change the breathing characteristics (circulation of air through the wall)


Application should be made at the rate of 1 to 2 square metres per litre for the 2 coats depending upon porosity.


Dense masonry may not accept Wall Dry 2R at this rate. Such surfaces should be given two coats and the coverage. Extended to 1.5 to 2 metres per litre. At least 1 hour should be allowed between coats.


Conforms to British Standard BS6477 (1984) - Water Repellents for Masonry Surfaces.


Supplied in 20ltr resealable UN containers.

Water Test

Example of the waterproofing qualities of Wall Dry 2R on brick and stone.

Step 1

A piece of Yorkshire stone dipped in 2R for 15 seconds and allowed to dry, note the 2R does not alter the look of the stone.

Step 1

Water poured on the stone, the left treated side repels water the untreated side soaks in water.

Step 1

A piece of Victorian brick treated with 2R.

Step 1

The surface now repels water.

Step 1

Concrete roofing tiles left tile untreated. Right tile treated with 2R.

Step 1

Close up photo.

Step 1

Water soaking in the untreated tile. Water cannot penetrate the treated tile.

Method Statement For The Application Of Walltex Wall Dry 2R

1. Brush - Brush down to remove dirt.

2. Wash - Power wash if necessary.

3. Treat - Algae etc to be treated with WALLTEX BIOCIDE.

4. Mask - Mask up all areas not to be treated.

5. Application - Starting at the top of the building, the application of WALL DRY 2R is done in 2 coats by brush, roller or low-pressure spray, sufficient material is to be used to flood coat the wall and allow to run down 150mm to 300mm (depending on the density of the surface).

6. Coats - Applications to be at the rate of 1 to 2 sq metres per litre for the 2 coats (depending on the porosity and density of the substrate).

7. Third Coat - A third coat may be necessary on substrates that are very porous.

8. Drying Time - At least 1 hour should be allowed between coats.

Protective clothing, gloves or goggles and protective mask must be worn. Please refer to health and safety information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see 2R when it has been applied?
During application the surface will darken, when the solvents have evaporated the surface appearance is back to normal.

How long will the 2R last?
Buildings that have been treated with 2R are still repelling water after more than 20 years.

Is the product suitable for listed buildings and does it breathe?
YES as it does not change the appearance of the surface and allows the walls to breathe.

Do the chemicals break down with ultra violet light?
NO they are UV resistant.

Can it be sprayed?
YES by low pressure garden sprayer make sure all the windows etc are masked before application. It can also be applied by brush and roller, see application section. Please refer to all health and safety information before commencement of application.

Shopping List

1 x 20 lts of WALL DRY 2R covers on average 30 square metres for the 2 coats.

60 square metres of wall will require 2 x 20 lts of WALL DRY 2R.

The same quantity will be required when applying to roofing tiles.

Walltex Wall Dry 2R Case Studies

Private Flats North of England

A refurbishment of the brickwork was carried out by main contractors. The pointing was replaced and 2 coats of WALL DRY 2R was applied to surface of the brickwork no more maintenance will be required for minimum of 30 years.

Before pointing and application of 2R

Before pointing and application of 2R.

After the application of Wall Dry 2R

After application.

Completed application of Wall Dry 2R

Completed application.

Walltex Wall Dry Health and Safety Instructions

For health and safety instructions for this product please download our material safety datasheet by clicking the button below:


Walltex Wall Dry 2R Health and Safety Instructions

For health and safety instructions for this product please download our material safety datasheet by clicking the button below:


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